It Begins…

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Words, words, words, and more words. I felt that I needed somewhere to get them all down – more and more of them – words about words about words.


I feel that I’ve spent about one third of my life sleeping (as one does), and about one third more reading or writing. The latter activity is at least as important as sleeping – probably as important as eating and breathing – and so here I will share many of the thoughts and ideas related to the written word that I do have.


I write short fiction, often in the fantasy genre and sometimes in historical fiction and social comedy. Posting them here is not really an option for one attempting publication – most fiction markets will consider a story already published if it appears on a website – but I can and will write about my projects as they develop.


As I create this blog, I’m also just beginning a second course in creative writing with the Open University. This one – ‘Advanced’ – focuses on script writing for stage, screen and radio. This is a newer challenge for me, one that I hope will lead to at least a few new insights.


No blog on writing would be complete without recommendations to other avid readers. Those books I feel that I can’t live without will periodically be featured here.


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