Now that 2011 has got started…

January 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

What’s happened so far?

In blog land, we’ve learned that writers have a high chance of suicide; that dodos aren’t usually reliable critiquers; and that history should’ve been kinder to highwaymen.

The book haul this week has been small, but delicious. Copies of ‘The Poison Master‘ by Liz Williams and ‘On a Pale Horse‘ by Piers Anthony have been added to my library (both great books). Winging their way to me this week are Jude  Morgan’s newest Regency novel and ‘Clouds Among the Stars‘, one of the few Victoria Clayton books I haven’t already got.

I’ve been reading on the Kindle this week (though I haven’t been reading very much, I admit). The story is ‘The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden‘ by Catherynne M. Valente. It’s weird, labyrinthine and dreamy, though also absolutely overloaded with similes. The effect was magical for a while, but the endless repetition of this kind of imagery is rapidly eroding the impact. And becoming irritating.

The greatest song in the world this week is Malena Ernman’s ‘Perdus’.

My boyfriend tells me he is leaving me for this woman. I cannot say that I blame him.

As for the novel, it has become my resolution to post the word-count-to-date every Sunday. This is to help keep me motivated. If I have to advertise my progress to my general acquaintance and a range of strangers every weekend, I’d better make sure I have some progress to report, hm?

Words written this week: approximately 6136

Total word count to date: approximately 12376

I am writing this longhand, on real paper, with an actual pen. I find it relaxing to do it this way; it means I can’t try to write as fast as I think, forcing me to slow down and give everything proper consideration as I write it. The downside is that the little finger on  my right hand is beginning to swell in a most unattractive way. It may resemble a balloon by the time I finish, but… at least I will have drafted a novel.

And to finish the week in suitable style, here is a random, weird video clip of a cute animal.


By the way, this blog is a couple of months in now and going pretty well. Thank you to all readers, subscribers, commenters and those attracted to the shiny ‘like’ button at the top of the page. It’s all valued encouragement and input. If you like Words About Words, please keep visiting – and feel free to share posts or links back to the blog. The more input, the merrier!


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§ 4 Responses to Now that 2011 has got started…

  • timkeen40 says:

    Keep plugging away. It’ll get done eventually.


  • Andy says:

    More funny animal videos! Haha, I watched that three times and laughed out loud each time. Please keep sharing your progress with your novel. Nothing quite like guilt and anxiety to keep you motivated 😉

    • Charlotte says:

      Quite true: when optimisim, motivational methods, exercise, love, friendly support and chocolate all fail, there’s always guilt and anxiety as a trusty standby.

      And noted! I will be sending out my scouts for more stupid-looking creatures to enliven our Sundays 😉

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