I challenge you to… a DANCE-OFF

January 11, 2011 § 8 Comments

It seems I like to watch dance shows while I write.

Not films or TV, because the dialogue would get in the way. Not listen to music, because the lyrics would get in the way. Too many words interfere intolerably with my words.

But a dance show with music, colour and a minimum of wordliness? Perfect. It can be passively absorbed while I write Very Productively (of course). Meanwhile it is a blessed distraction when the flow slows down and I start to grind to a halt. It’s like a happy story in which I convince myself that I am relaxing here, having a nice time. Enjoying the music. NOT staring, paralysed and sweating, at my acres of blank, white paper.

It’s nice that it’s so easy to fool myself. I wonder if I believe in the Tooth Fairy, too?

There is a definite downside to this cunning ploy, however. If I write most of this novel on a steady diet of Riverdance and Feet of Flames, it seems inevitable that it will begin to seep into my prose. Instead of dialogue I will have weird, gaelic chanting. Where I might have included a brutal sword-fight, I will instead have a dance-off. My characters will periodically scoop up fiddles and burst into wild routines. And my heroines will walk the pages of my novel clad in beautiful but scandalously tiny Spandex velvet dresses.

Actually that last part doesn’t seem so out-of-keeping with the fantasy genre.

But by far the worst part is that my villain will resemble this guy:

And this will be my hero:

Oh god, no….


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§ 8 Responses to I challenge you to… a DANCE-OFF

  • LOL Charlotte, nooooooooooooooo not that villain!

    Though I love Riverdance and Irish music, please not these characters. Lovely post! And good luck with the story.

    • Charlotte says:

      Haha, thanks Marion. Fortunately I agree: the show might be fun to watch, but just about anything would be better than those two characters monopolising space in a novel!

  • IcarusStorm says:

    God that’s worrying isn’t it, having a hero that looks like Michael Flately! I am eagerly looking forward to hearing more about this novel 🙂

    • Charlotte says:

      Pretty worrying; I think if that happens I’ll probably just burn it! Thanks for the comment. Posting about the novel helps keep me motivated to write it, so there’ll be more!

  • Ali says:

    No, don’t burn it, offer it as a cleverly worded satire of everything riverdance / feet of flames / michael flatley related! After all, if The Emperor’s New Groove can make us howl with laughter at the send up of Michael Flatley’s posturing, then a total piss take written version should be even better, especially given your gift for being so carefully bitchy in such a beautifully written way! 😉

  • You know, the “Fantasy/Dance” genre is virtually untapped… it’s a big world and there may be legions of readers out there whose chief complaint about Lord of the Rings is that everybody keeps singing, but no one dances. Or that with all the odd cultures in Disc World, not one dances their problems out?

    Oh, sure, the traditionalists will scoff and say that dance doesn’t translate well to the written word, but you’ll show ’em.

    • Charlotte says:

      What an inspired idea. Can’t you just picture the beautiful dance routine between Aragorn and Arwen? I’m thinking a waltz, which will meld seamlessly into a tango…

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