A Retreating Writer

February 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

That’s me, retreating. As of tomorrow, I’ll be spending two weeks in a quiet cottage without internet.

I’m not actually doing this in order to have more time to write, but it has that side effect. I look forward to catching up on some of that word count I haven’t been making this past week.

This puts me in mind of the concept of the ‘writer’s retreat’. I receive a range of writerly newsletters, most of which are covered in adverts for endless isolated houses with no features whatsoever that could distract a person from their work in progress. I’ve never been in a position to take any of them up on it.

Has anyone tried ‘retreating’ as a means of pushing out the word count? Is it helpful? Do you think you would, if you got the chance? I think it’s a sound idea in principle, but I’m dubious, because if a person’s open to distraction there’s some of that to be found anywhere.

Shutting off the internet’s probably a good idea, though.

Anyway, my little blogville will putter on without me. I have a few posts scheduled to announce themselves at various intervals. If I’m a little late replying to your glorious comments, however, I hope you’ll forgive me.


I'll be near the sea, which won't look anything like this.


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