Crunch Time

August 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

I know, I know. Three posts in the same seven-day period? What is going on here?

What is going on, Gentles All, is the magnificent crunch time. That time when Procrastination starts to seem like a girl’s best possible friend, but you soldier on anyway.

The book is done. There’s nothing else I can conceivably do to it that would improve it (or at least, not that I can identify or imagine at this point). The cover art is underway; I had some early sketches for it already and oh my giddy aunt it looks gorgeous. So much so that I have no idea what Elsa Kroese is going to do to it to make it look even more finished at this point, but I’ve no doubt it’ll be magnificent.

That means the book will be released sometime in the next few weeks, all being well. I’ve a notion it will feel a bit like jumping off a building. Did anyone else get that feeling on first publication?

I’m filling the time by working on the next book, which (so far) is a good way of keeping myself from imagining all the awful things that seriously could happen later on. Meanwhile, it seems like a good time to do something sort of promotional-like prior to the release of Draykon.

So, later this week I’ll be posting the prologue to the book. The week after that I will post the first chapter, and then after another week chapter two will appear. And so on until release day. I suppose for the sake of practicality I should pick a consistent schedule, so I shall arbitrarily pick Thursday.

See you in two days!


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§ 6 Responses to Crunch Time

  • DarcKnyt says:

    I was slightly nervous, but mostly excited, releasing my first book into the world. Of course, I used a collection of short works rather than publishing a novel (I still can’t manage to come up with a finished manuscript no matter how I try), so mayhaps that’s the difference.

    You’ll do fine. And I will be very excited to be among the first to purchase it.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Darc, thanks for the encouraging comments. Not sure if it would make that much difference if it’s a novel or a collection of short stories; it’s all your own, very personal work that took many many hours. That’s the part that makes it nerve-wracking. Btw, are you planning to do more short story collections?

  • Katy says:

    Congratulations Charlotte! That’s amazing news! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  • Lara Dunning says:

    What and exciting time. Congrats and get to work writing that second book.

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